We're Taking this to Another Level

For the past three years, we've been business partners; but we've now decided to take this to a higher level. Not only have we teamed up, but we've hired the support staff that allows us to be even more efficient, available, and responsive to our clients' needs. 

Chris’ professional experience of practicing real estate in the DC area has been multifaceted with nearly 15 years in both the commercial real estate brokerage and development fields.  He made the move to real estate finance at the invitation of McLean’s founder and old colleague from his days in commercial real estate.

Andy is a longtime veteran of the industry with over a dozen years of experience servicing clients in the DC metropolitan area.  He prides himself on being a loan tactician for whom no loan structure is too complex.

As founding members of the DC office of McLean Mortgage, we decided to combine our resources to best address a diverse client base. We're both minorities, we're both city dwellers, and we both emulate the DC demographic. We understand the lifestyle of those who reside in the DC area and we're teaming up to provide them with better lending choices.

As a team, we have access to more resources, and we will have more time to spend focusing on you, our clients. Our mission is simple: to provide you the best loan, with the best service and experience, in the most timely manner.    

We take pride in serving in and working in the DC communities that we call home; and we value our contribution to the community by making homeownership possible for all.    

We now have a new site and social media platforms for our team where you can reach us and engage us, so please check them out and follow us!